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Lighting Design

We undertake lighting design consultancy to provide clients with built spaces that are well lit and look good. Poor lighting can cause havoc with the architectural design - good lighting makes all the difference. This requires an intricate knowledge of light and lighting products in the market. Our lighting designers provide a combination of both to achieve beautiful effects that can be designed to work with your moods.

Lighting is a major consumer of electricity in buildings. Our solutions focus on providing energy efficient solutions that  often end up paying for themselves in even a few months. The increasing cost of employee salaries demands that servicing of lighting should be the least disruptive. Hence we provide solutions that are easy on operations and maintenance.

Innovative and energy efficient lighting design for:
  • Interior and
  • Exterior areas.
Incorporation of savings from daylight integration and modern controls to achieve a combination of simple natural methods with complex technical solutions - with the objective of user delight.