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Existing Buildings: Certification & Audits

Complete hand holding and technical assistance for existing buildings to achieve savings in electricity, energy and water bills, enhancing occupant comfort and reducing the carbon footprint of operations.

Reducing the electricity and water bills are the biggest tangible advantages for existing buildings to adopt the green building concept. Improved productivity, comfort, health and well being of occupants are the other intangible benefits.

The process of making existing buildings sustainable involves a number of steps including detailed energy audits, water audits, waste audits and stakeholder participation through workshops, etc. The following are steps in this process:
  • Central policies
  • Building /campus-wide implementation of sustainable practices
  • Company level sustainability
  • Sustainability Reporting

We follow a comprehensive framework for EACH of these steps to deliver sustainability to clients with quantifiable indicators and metrics to demonstrate compliance and to foster a culture of innovation.

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