Research and Development

At ecoinch, the culture of research has been the backbone of our innovative solutions for clients. To provide a set of comprehensive solutions, the experts at ecoinch spend a portion of their time in vetting technical details and in presenting their research at leading national and international platforms. We also participate as experts on panel discussions and as advisors to important government and corporate programmes - presenting unbiased and scientific research on key areas of interest. Some of our past work has been on the following topics:
  • Urban heat island effect
  • Cool roofs
  • Net zero buildings: energy, water, waste
  • Water use optimization methods
  • De-desertification of arid lands
  • Phase changing materials
  • Occupant comfort in an Indian context
  • Luminaire design vs. market availability
  • Acoustics for building typologies
  • Others
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Innovation is a key result area at ecoinch and is seen as an essential part of our strategic consulting business. In the rapidly changing world environment, both literally and for building science, we have taken upon ourselves to keep abreast with the latest and greatest and to adapt them to our indigenous needs.